Friday, October 26, 2012

Corn maze

After being called in to work today, or rather, facebook messaged in to work today, (yea, thats how totally awesome my boss is) I got to take the kids to the local corn maze! We met up with one of my best friends, and her husband.  I decided yesterday, after borrowing a Peekaru (here) from work, that I would NOT bring a stroller, and I would wear my little man, and my 3 yr old could walk. Keep in mind, HUGE corn maze! So I suited up with my Boba carrier (here), and we got on our way! At a brisk 34 degrees tonight, my little guy was quite cozy on my back, and daughter was pretty confident marching around the maze with us. Once in a while she would get a little frightened, but eventually, she was just as into finding our way out as we were. She spent the last 20 minutes in the maze pulling my friends husband all around, until he finally picked her up and she rode the rest of the way out on his shoulders. After the maze, we got hot apple cider, and popcorn!  Such a great experience to share with my Littles.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Benefits of Babywearing

here, is some great views about babywearing vs carseat carrying, seriously, more moms need to research this!

kidbook pt.1

MY favorite time of year has come!!! The time when all of the parenting magazines show up with the "most innovative" "best" "best buys" articles that feature baby products that claim to be the best.

Today, I received the first, It came packaged with my Redbook. Its called Redbook Kidbook. Front cover states, "sweet ideas for the little ones you love" "cute clothes, shoes, toys and more under $20!" "plus *7 easy ways to pack lunch *happy up your kid's room *play together! fun family games"
 here goes my great review on the products and articles! And, more natural, america, and/or cost friendly alternatives!

20 UNDER $20 "These adorable finds with make your tykes the most tricked out (and blessed-out) kids in the neighborhood"
1. Stack-A-Doodle crayons here $10 for a set of 13 these little crayons look like Lego and are also crayons.   personally instead of buying something like this from a corporate dot com, you could buy the same thing made from recycled wax from etsy, here is a great option and you are being friendly to the environment and supporting an american crafter and child!
2. Yeti for your bed throw pillow here. $19.  Once again, you can find this type of thing handmade in the USA on etsy, or even make one yourself! Pillows are extremely easy to make!
3. Glasses a great selection of tween frames! all under $20
4. Crayola flavored lip balm here, $3.99 each.  Thinking to myself, these lip balms look like crayons... my daughter is going to be trying to write on her lips with crayons, and younger siblings are not going to understand this... not to mention, who knows what kind of junk is in those!? I recommend something along the lines of this made of beeswax and other natural and safe ingredients and its flavored like bubblegum! And it even costs less!
5. Journal, $9.95 here, from what I can find, this journal looks beautiful, and would serve its purpose well.

5 for today are DONE... I may post more later tonight.

Monday, October 22, 2012

OH mama

How is it I have half a head of grey hair? Seriously I'm 24 years old!!! Today, our entire neighborhood had to listen to little M scream! He screamed and screamed and would not calm down! all of our windows were open, and the the poor kid just threw a fit all damn day! No wonder my hair is twinged with silver! GRRR! Little B did not eat dinner for the third night in a row, her choice... the food was all laid out in front of her, but to no avail...

I have been trying my hand at attachment parenting... but its so damn hard not to lose it and hand out punishment! I catch myself mid freakout and have to give myself a count down. I try to hold them and show them love no matter what it is they have done.
Surviving a rough day in the life of a single mama. BLOG IT OUT!