Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas is coming!

so, my count down gadget says 11days 9 hours 17 minutes till Christmas! my favorite holiday. Family, Friends, Love and little white lies! we all do it...(the little white lies).... SANTA.... "oh no i didn't get you that ( >.< ) " or "what do you want for Christmas?......'nothing'"(yea you know you want something you just don't want to seem like you do.)

so... with that said, I'm trying to eliminate the lies out of our Christmas. SANTA.... doesn't exist in our house.... yea you can tell me I'm robbing my kids of a childhood right.... whatever... Christmas is about Jesus birth.... not some fat man we all lie to our kids about so that they can be disappointed and sad when they find out he is not real. yea... i remember that feeling.... i cried. and if we are trying to teach our children that lying is a bad thing, why would we lie to them and then later tell them that its OK that we did it? so that is lie number one that we eliminated. NEXT... instead of telling people i don't want anything... i sent a link to my man with the shoes that i want. and i told him what to put in my stocking.... he gets very frustrated trying to figure it out on his own.  and his family and mine pitched in so that we could get some much needed household items. . . but i flubbed on the other little lie. the man was trying to guess what he was getting... and he SORT of guessed right.... well he guessed half of it. and i said no. .  . . . . oops