Friday, October 26, 2012

Corn maze

After being called in to work today, or rather, facebook messaged in to work today, (yea, thats how totally awesome my boss is) I got to take the kids to the local corn maze! We met up with one of my best friends, and her husband.  I decided yesterday, after borrowing a Peekaru (here) from work, that I would NOT bring a stroller, and I would wear my little man, and my 3 yr old could walk. Keep in mind, HUGE corn maze! So I suited up with my Boba carrier (here), and we got on our way! At a brisk 34 degrees tonight, my little guy was quite cozy on my back, and daughter was pretty confident marching around the maze with us. Once in a while she would get a little frightened, but eventually, she was just as into finding our way out as we were. She spent the last 20 minutes in the maze pulling my friends husband all around, until he finally picked her up and she rode the rest of the way out on his shoulders. After the maze, we got hot apple cider, and popcorn!  Such a great experience to share with my Littles.

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