Monday, October 22, 2012

OH mama

How is it I have half a head of grey hair? Seriously I'm 24 years old!!! Today, our entire neighborhood had to listen to little M scream! He screamed and screamed and would not calm down! all of our windows were open, and the the poor kid just threw a fit all damn day! No wonder my hair is twinged with silver! GRRR! Little B did not eat dinner for the third night in a row, her choice... the food was all laid out in front of her, but to no avail...

I have been trying my hand at attachment parenting... but its so damn hard not to lose it and hand out punishment! I catch myself mid freakout and have to give myself a count down. I try to hold them and show them love no matter what it is they have done.
Surviving a rough day in the life of a single mama. BLOG IT OUT!

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